Superman CAN do it!

Superman is a fictional character. He comes from planet Kripton. He is adopted by a family from Kansas (USA) and named Clark Kent. He works as a reporter for a newspaper The Daily Star Very early he started to show superhuman abilities that he used for the benefit of humanity. These are some of his wonderful abilities:

  • Strengh. He can lift tons of weight.

  • Flight. He can fly and jump long distances.

  • X-ray vision. He can see through solid objects.

  • Super hearing. He can hear more sounds than any other human being.

  • Invulnerability. He can protect his body from any form of harm.

  • Heat vision. He can emit heat energy from his eyes.

And ... what about you? Of course, you are not a superman but you have a lot of wonderful abilities. What are they?

If you want to do some interesting grammar exercises about CAN / CAN'T click on the following links,

Now... insert a comment and write down your super abilities...


Norberto Ojeda Zamora said...

I can cook and I can dance quite well. I can use the computer and drive for long distances.

Anonymous said...

I can speak German. I can dance very quite. I can run and swim.
I can follow instructions.

Desiree Ucha Ramirez

Anonymous said...

I can read music. I can read paper maps and computer. I can dance. I can swim.

Mahuampy Amaro

Anonymous said...

I can dance very quite.I can swim and use the computer.I can describe people and I can cook.

Yuliana Toro Bohórquez

Sole said...

I can Write.

Anonymous said...

I don´t have super abilites, but I can draw and painting; I can cook canary food and I can mount on dromedary, but I mounted two occasions!

Anonymous said...

I can swimming, dancing, studying, walking, working, eating, cleaning, listening, speaking and writting.

IVONNE said...

I can cook, draw and all about work whith the hans.

veronica said...

I can do too things together.
T can give yuo a smile.

Anonymous said...

I can speak spanish,i can ride a bike and i can play fottball but i can't fly as superman although i would like.

Andres Suarez Suarez

Anonymous said...

I can take photos. I can play volleyball. I can drive a car. I can use the computer. I can dance.

Erika Gonzalez Dominguez

Anonymous said...

I can cook peruvian food,I can dance salsa music.
I can help people old man(geriatric)and children.
I can draw I can drive.