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It's summer!!!

Summer has just come! It´s time to relax and start doing all those many things we have postponed. However, it's also a beautiful time to go on in contact with your English. To enjoy practising everything we have learned.

If you click on this link English-on-line , you 'll find lots of practical activities based on vocabulary, grammar and listening. Below there is a mindmap about summer, I'm sure you are going to find it very useful while learning most common summer words. Besides I have also prepared you some other interesting activities to keep you busy in your long summer days.
Let's have a look!

Some interesting exercises:



New York

Tuna and Dolphins

The Mugger


Scaning information

Asking questions

Listening to instructions. Use the arrows to help you move the van. Then press enter.
Using images to find information



Enjoy your summer with English!

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