Looking at a picture: Tobias and the Angel

Tobias and the Angel by Andrea del Verrocchio (XV Century)

Writing a Microstory

Tobias is sitting in his garden …

Tobías is sitting in his garden playing the Lira and  suddenly he sees an angel. He's wearing a long tunic and sandals he has big beautiful wings, they walk the dog around  the mountain hill, when they see the neighbors having a  barbecue and they invite them.

 To be continued....
                                                                                                                Encarna and Monika.

Tobias is sitting in his garden. He’s looking at the sky, and then he gets up and he walks around the river with his dog. Suddenly he finds an angel in the road and they walk happy together.

Erika and Jennifer

Tobias sitting in his garden and he is thinking about the universe in his garden, because he is seeing the beautiful colours of the country, the blue sky and he can also hear the water running in the river. Tobias is a very good fisherman and he goes nto fish to invite his best friend: the Angel and his old dog. But the dog isn’t very happy because it prefers meat.

                                                                                     Fátima and Manolo

Tobías is sitting in his garden with his dog; suddenly an Angel comes and says: “ Let's go for a walk to the river to fish”. They are fishing for a few hours but they take only one fish.  Later they play with his dog throwing stones to the lake. When suddenly the dog is missing they look for it everywhere but they listen to the dog  barking. The dog's bark is coming from a castle they run to the castle and they can't belive! The dog has two fishes. It's fishing more than us.
Then, They cook  the fish and drink wine while they watch  the landscape. At night the Angel returned to heaven.
“See you, Tobias!, the angel says.
“ See you, Angel,!” Tobias says.
Tobias is very happy, he has a new friend.  
                                                                                                                                   Rita and Yaiza

Tobias is sitting in his garden, his garden is very big, with many trees and plants, he’s fishing in the lake, when suddenly, an angel goes down from the sky. The angel tells Tobias: “Come with me, take my hand, let’s go for a walk together, and I’m going to tell you a story”.
The story is about a child who doesn’t have parents, and he is very sad. His mother died when he was born and his father died in the war. The child lives alone and has to beg to eat, until one day finds a rich man who took him to his house. He lives better, but unhappy, because he can’t play with his friends.
The angel tells him: “Wealth doesn’t bring happiness”.

Mónica Cano and José Luis Trejo

Tobias is sitting in his garden, He´s playing with his dog, after one hour He goes to fish in the next river, He catches one fish, then He goes to the castle and when he´s walking, suddenly he sees a man. When he´s near, he sees that he is an angel. He´s very happy!

Rogelio and Belén

Tobias is sitting in his garden looking at the sights of his lands and playing with his dog. Later he reads a tales book and then he goes to sleep.
Suddenly, an angel appears in his dream. He’s very scared but the angel calms him.  Then Tobias and the angel go to fish to the river crossing the forest. His dog goes with them. Tobias fishes a big fish and later they cook and eat the fish. In the evening they come back to Tobias’ castle.
When Tobias wakes up, he is alone. His dog is playing with him and there isn’t any angel.
 “A nice dream!”, -he thinks - “But... and this fish here?”

Jesus and Paco.

Tobías is sitting in his garden, he is thinking, he is looking at the blue sky when suddenly an Angel goes down from the sky the Angel tells him: “Tobías, come with me!. Because our god wants to give you an special thing. Your life will change, you are going to be a rich man, you are going  to have a wife and chilren too!”
                                                                                                      Scherezade and Tina

Tobias is sitting in his garden, he is reading a book about god. Tobias and  friends are having a fish barbecue and for dessert they have greek yoghurt.
After lunch they play cards and suddenly Tobias’s friend goes flying to the sky. Tobias is alone and he is bored, then he goes to sleep.
Daniel and Sergio

Tobias is sitting in his garden,Tobias is cooking fish for lunch,suddenly,an Angel is falling from the Sky. And then,the Angel ask him:
-Hello, I´m hungry, can you give me a piece of fish please?
And Tobias answers:
-No , I have only one. But if you want to eat, you can take my dog and prepare Hot Dogs.
Then, the Angel answers :
-Ok , but I don´t have Moustard.
Tobias says: No problem, I can give you.
Finally, the Angel accepts the dog and the moustard, and the Angel is going back to Heaven.

José Jaime and Jetzabel

Tobias is sitting in his garden, he is playing with his dog and suddenly it´s starting to rain and he is going back to his castle.
In his castle, his wife is waiting to him for dinner. After dinner, they start to read a new novel when they have a phone call and they say that his dog is lost.
Finally, they´re looking for his dog in the river, then the dog appeared behind the trees.

                                                                           Agatha (Margarita) y César.

One day, Tobias is sitting in the garden.
He´s playing with her dog, when suddenly… he sees an angel.
He´s wearing a long tunic and sandals. They go for a walk near the river and both eat fish in the hills.

Simple Past

Simple Past -  Regular verbs

The regular past tense in English is formed by adding "ed" to the verb. This past tense regular verb ending has three distinct sounds:
  • /t/ as in stopped, walked, relaxed
  • /d/ as in arrived, lived, used
  • /id/ as in wanted, needed, hated

See the following table and practice the verbs.