Back to School

For millions of people (children, young people and adults) worldwide, September is back-to-school month. For millions of others, it is just business as usual.

Back to school is not only one of my favorite themes, it's also my favorite time of year. Everything seems to be new: textbooks, notebooks, folders, etc and everyone is excited about starting a new year.

Back to school is a special moment to meet your old classmates but it is also a wonderful opportunity to meet new students, new friends, ... who are going to share with you the magic of the learning adventure.

However, going back to school is a serious proposition and there are many things to be considered. Enrolling in any continuing education program requires dedication and the will to succeed.

Mad about English

The Olympic Games may be over but the Chinese love affair with the English language continues. A new film entitled Mad About English tells the story of how one billion people became obsessed with learning English.

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