Pruebas de Certificación

For many students to sit an exam seems to be something that get you nervous; however, this doesn't have to be like that. The success of an exam is not a question of luck, it is a question of enjoying your learning. Follow this tips to get all the best from you:

1) Be in contact with English everyday, this will help you to improve it. Being in contact doesn't mean "grammar exercises". You can read books, listen to English songs and read the lyrics, watch videos, surf on the internet visiting English sites, etc.
2) Use your CDs to access to the material your coursebook offers you.
3) Have a positive attitude towards learning.
4) Have faith in yourself.
5) Remember. "Practice makes excellence". Why not doing sample tests from other EOIs? They can help you to get familiar with the exam format and at the same time you are practising. Click on these links and download the documents.

Test from Galicia

Test from Aragón

6) You can learn from your mistakes. You are learning and committing mistakes is a normal process. Mistakes are simply "what you are going to get right next time". They are not failures but opportunities for success.

7) Ask your teacher. I'm here to help you. My mission is to help you to learn. So, what are you waiting for ...

8)And finally, practice, practice, ...

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