The Circle of YOUR Life

The stage adaptation of the Disney film taken from an original African story. A young lion grows up and learns that taking over the pride requires wisdom and maturity. Simba is the young lion, his wicked uncle is Scar and his father, killed by his uncle, is King Mustafa.

The Lion King is a Tony Award and Olivier Award-winning musical based on the 1994 Disney animated film of the same name with music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice. Directed by Julie Taymor, the musical features actors in animal costumes as well as giant, hollow puppets. The show is produced by Disney Theatrical.

The musical debuted in 1997 and it is now Broadway's ninth longest-running show in history.

One of the songs both from the film and the show is "The Circle of Life", composed by Elton John. It's a song about faith and courage, life and death. It's about living in a circle, living in community.

The word "community" comes from the Latin word "communis" meaning "common." What do you have "in common" with those in your "circle"? We've been describing inclusive circles, like the circles of your community or your classroom. But what about exclusive circles - circles that keep others out, i.e. a club that excludes women or minorities. How strong are these circles? Have you ever been excluded from a circle? Can you describe it? How did you deal with it? How can diversity, as well as unity, help to strengthen the Circle of Life?

The Circle of Life symbolizes both the interrelationships between individuals and nature and the connections between individuals and their society. How can you improve your connection to the natural world around you? How can you improve your relationship with your community?

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Everything exists together in a delicate balance. As King, you need to understand that balance, and respect all the creatures - from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.
But, Dad, don't we eat the antelope?
Yes, Simba, but when we die, our bodies become the grass. And the antelope eat the grass. Just as the sun rises from the night, and winter becomes the spring, so life arises from death. Everything is connected in the great circle of life.

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