Learning is a journey, not a destination.

Where is your limit?

For many of you, this is a special day: It's going to be your first day at school after so many years and for other students, it's a new opportunity to go on with the English learning process. Whatever your purpose is, English is going to be from now on "something important in your life".

However, you are not coming to school alone, you're bringing the shadows of your many failures and mistakes when you studied many years ago. When was the last time you told yourself: I'd like to learn English? Do you remember? How many times did you try?

Think you are a lucky person because a wonderful door is being opened to you NOW. The door of learning. This year you'll discover that learning is fun and joy and that your dreams can be true. There is no limit to dream. Dare to do it!

Look at this video. They are two Chinese dancers: she without an arm and he without one leg.
They may possibly not have perfect bodies, but they make of their dancing something perfect. Even his crutch is part of the choreography. Where are their limits?

If they can do it? Why not you?

Welcome back to School

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Chiew said...

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For students, I feature quite a few online games you could have fun with!