Connectors 1: Being a trapeze artist.

Have you ever been to a circus? Have you seen the trapeze artists? Have you seen them flying on the air? Isn't it amazing?
They can do that because they train for long hours every day and because when they are "flying", they are all connected with their arms and hands. Otherwise they may fall onto the floor and be injured.

Connectors are things that connect with others.

In English a connector is a special word that connects a sentence with another sentence or a word with another word. For example: so, because, and, although, ... They are special words that connect one sentence or word with another.

She stayed at home because she was very tired.
Although we wanted to see the film, we didn't go.
It was very late to go out so I watched TV.

Remember: "Practice makes excellence" So, here you have some exercises to help you

Click here to practice SO and BECAUSE
Click here for AND, BUT, SO

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