Here you have a mindmap to help you to study some words about clothing. To enlarge it press on the image.


undiscoveredyou said...

from....The Ilove yr mind map it was so illuminating to my brain a intractive, yet ifeel u could of developed it further especially were it to benefit students,now i usually charge for my advice but im feeling nice today, so what you do to bring more excitment and involvment from your mind map.Rather than stop at the end of your branch e.g HAT or COAT or SCARF the end, NO, rather you explore how you can combine these garments just like a magazine would do a fashion spread of the ideal outfit e.g so you start to connect branches to branches using a word like IDEAL LOOK, or SUMMER LOOK,ect and combine accessories with differnt pieces of clothing choose a different colour to excite your motor neurons and brain lobes. NOW THATS A UNDISCOVEREDYOU MIND MAP !!!

Badrul Husain Baksa said...

look all category of cloth they adduce different cloths